Day Seventy-Three – Even More New Releases

14 03 2010

These movies came out well after the date that their reviews have been posted, but that’ll give you an idea of how behind I am. Anyway, here are three more reviews.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Movie titles seem to be getting a lot less creative lately, but I’m completely okay with that if the movie transcends the title. Use the title to sell the concept and the film to build character. ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ doesn’t do much of either. Instead of going somewhere unexpected with the comedy, it’s always the most obvious gag possible. Poo, barf and piss are supporting cast to the F-word. The characters take a backseat to hit and miss jokes. It just feels like it never really gets going.

Rating: 40 (2 Stars)

The Princess and the Frog

Though it doesn’t quite re-capture the magic of the hand-drawn Disney animated classics, ‘The Princess and the Frog’ is a step in the right direction. The twist on the classic story fits well enough and all the expected archetypes are there. Though it’s a staple of any Disney classic, the songs get quite tedious to sit through. None were really memorable as they skipped from one to another. The resolution feels tacked on as Tiana changes her feelings for no other reason than to wrap things up.

Rating: 65 (3 Stars)

Date Night

‘Date Night’ isn’t much of a plot-driven thriller. It doesn’t surprise you much. It’s the typical formula of crooked cops and mistaken identity. The main characters are two unlikely, but believable heroes. They’re the every-couple. When things go south, they react as anyone would, but with the wit and charisma you would expect from the Fey and Carrell. The laughs are well earned as the Fosters react completely in character, even with the short first act to get you familiar with their mannerisms.

Rating: 80 (4 Stars)

I know, Date Night doesn’t come out for at least month after this post claims to be posted. Forgive me and we’ll have some fun. Taking a break from the movie reviews and moving on to some grub reviews! Are you with me? Well, too bad. I’m doing it anyway.