Some Movies I’ve Seen Recently…

6 06 2010

I’m planning to wake up in about 4 hours to watch Get Him to the Greek. Not quite sure how I’ll manage that, but I have seen these flicks recently enough.

Here are some reviews:

90 Justice League: Crisis on Two EarthsJun 06, 2010
Mini-Review: Though things really had to be cut down in order to make things digestible for an unfamiliar audience, I really enjoyed ‘Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths’. I was able to follow the multiple plot-lines throughout without getting lost. The amount of tension this movie sustains is notable, especially considering most of these heroes are invincible and still have you feeling a sense of dread. The characters all had an impressive depth to them, even with the vast number of heroes involved. Great!
80 Bugs Bunny Nips the NipsJun 01, 2010
Mini-Review: Hearing Bugs dole out racial slurs as he hands the Japanese sticks of dynamite definitely makes it though to watch without cringing a little bit. Still, the comedy is pretty much on par with what you can find in other Bugs shorts. Bugs dresses as a lady. Bugs fools people chasing him by jumping into his hole and appearing behind them. If the Japanese were something less insensitive, people would eat it up. Hard to appreciate it when it’s so blatantly and openly hateful though.
80 Iron Man 2May 10, 2010
Mini-Review: The first half of ‘Iron Man 2’ feels like run-off from the original ‘Iron Man’. This is enjoyable enough, as the original was very well done. Still, this doesn’t allow the film to gain much traction either in the plot or character development. The second half of the film feels like a prequel for the ‘Avengers’ movie coming in two years. This leads to you feeling a little cheated when the movie ends, since you never really get that pay-off until the Avengers assemble in their own film.
0 A Different PathMay 10, 2010
Mini-Review: ‘A Different Path’ is an activist film that is a bunch of hot air. A pedestrian, a bike rider and a kayaker all complain that cars exist. The bike rider, in particular, talks a lot about a world without cars, saying that people should stop driving. He offers no reasons or solutions. He just spouts this non-sense and gets upset when no one does his bidding. These moments are split apart with shots of waves or an angle staring right up the rider’s nose for minutes at a time. Awful, awful stuff.
95 Teenage PaparazzoMay 07, 2010
Mini-Review: Having seen Grenier’s first documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival, I was excited to see ‘Teenage Paparazzo’. Grenier has an honesty when he’s behind the camera. He pulls no punches, making himself an open-book. He realizes his role in the machine of the paparazzi and uses his fame to gain access he otherwise wouldn’t be afforded. The film is completely self-aware, allowing for an introspection about fame and its consequences that few celebrities or media would ever allow.
60 TalhotblondMay 04, 2010
Mini-Review: ‘Talhotblond’ is one of those documentaries that has everything to do with timing. The film-making isn’t at top quality, though they did their best to make text on a screen as exciting as possible. Something much better film-makers have tried and failed themselves. The clumsy film-making almost gets in the way of a story that is so unbelievable, had it not been true, would seem entirely bogus. The “first-person” narration by a murdered teen adds to the unbelievability, but the story saves it.
80 GasLandMay 04, 2010
Mini-Review: I have to admit, I was immediately alarmed when the filmmaker, Josh Fox, started a film about natural gas with a mini-biography. Thankfully, ‘Gasland’ picks up immediately after focusing on the human element, making it easy to place yourself in the situation. The middle does sag, reiterating information from every small town Fox visits, the doc picks up at the end with a decent payoff. I knew nothing about “fracking”, but after watching ‘Gasland’, I felt like an expert – a concerned one at that.
80 Kick-AssMay 03, 2010
Mini-Review: I started my experience with ‘Kick-Ass’ years ago when I picked up the comic. I liked the idea of a kid dressing up as a superhero and paying for doing so. The moment Hit-Girl and Big Daddy showed up – I stopped reading. Here, they add life to the flick that would otherwise be missing. Dave’s tragedy is toned down from the comic, instead emphasizing his lack of a sex life, which isn’t as interesting or original. Still, the over-the-top action and subtle spoofs make ‘Kick-Ass’ a pretty fun ride.

Forgetting That Things are Supposed to Be Fun

6 06 2010

I have a bad habit of giving myself assignments that I know I won’t be able to keep up with.

When I originally started this blog, I did it with the intention of posting a new post for every calendar day of 2010. I would miss a post here or there, making up for in within hours.

That was, at least, until I started to get busy. Coming home from work and crashing onto my bed led to me missing days at a time. These days turned into a month.

I made an effort to catch up, posting things that I’ve written on other sites and making sad excuses. I didn’t really catch up.

What happened after reminded my of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Let me explain.

I managed to make it to the end of Uncharted 2, right to the fight with the final boss. The lighting engine in my TV broke and I used it as an excuse to take an Uncharted hiatus.

Every time I would put in a different game, I could feel the ghost of Nathan Drake haunting me. His stay in purgatory I imposed on him caused me to feel an unnecessary guilt every time I played anything other than Uncharted 2.

That’s what happened to this blog. I knew that the amount of posts I needed to write in order to catch the “post a day” quota was becoming insurmountable. Not to mention, in order to keep with a stylistic theme, I also needed to find a picture to go with the story.

Well, no more. If I make my quota of 365 posts by the end of the year – then so be it. If not, we’ll all live and go on with our lives. The deadline has been counter-productive. If ignoring it can lead to some productivity, I’ll embrace it.

What can you expect on here now is posts about whatever happens to be on my mind – whenever they happen to come up. It’ll probably still be quite often though. No worries about word counts. No worries about the date of the posting. Just uninhibited me.

Hope you like it.

(I did beat Uncharted 2, by the way.)