Day Sixty-Nine – A Night at the Joe

10 03 2010

Here’s me playing catch-up on these posts. I could come up with a hundred excuses why I’m writing these posts so late, but instead I’ll just get to it.

I tend to go to a lot of different arenas for hockey games or wrestling shows, and though the purpose is generally the same, each building has a very different feel to it. One of my favorite buildings is Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. I might be a little biased, being a Red Wings fan, but the energy in the arena is like no where else. I felt the need to share this information with a social networking site I’m becoming pretty active within: Yelp.

Here’s what I posted:

The home of my Detroit Red Wings - Joe Louis Arena.

Joe Louis Arena

There are two reasons to go to Joe Louis Arena – the atmosphere and the product on the ice. The Detroit Red Wings are one of the most successful teams in hockey and it shows when you see them live and in person. You’re sure to see an exciting game as they tend to shoot the puck as often as possible, forcing the opposition to follow suit.

Given the smaller size of the arena, there really isn’t a bad seat in the place. You can even see Yzerman watching on from the press box, which is pretty close to the rest of the seats in the arena.

Ticket prices are pretty cheap. You can get tickets to some games for as low as $8. The Joe is also one of the last arenas to have standing room tickets.

Joe Louis Arena definitely isn’t a building that you visit for the architecture. It looks like a construction site on the outside, with its endless rows of porta-johns, and an old warehouse on the inside with the complete lack of decor or quality lighting. Outside of a bronze statue of Howe when you first walk in, there isn’t much to see off the ice.

Even when the team isn’t performing as well as they could, the crowd is the best reason to see a game in person – especially during the Playoffs. The crowd is always into the game. Patrons are nice and courteous. My brother was brave enough to wear an Anaheim Ducks jersey to Game 7 of the Playoffs and he left without much more than some teasing. Try doing something like that in Buffalo.

If you’re a hockey fan at all, whether you’re a Red Wings fan or not, you definitely have to go to a game at the Joe.

It’s hard to review an arena when the usage can change, therefore attracting a different crowd, but the Joe is pretty consistent. It’s a hockey arena first. It’s the center of HockeyTown and proud of it.




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