Day Fifty-Nine – Two Months Later…

28 02 2010

February has been an interesting month, but it seems like most of the topics I had were one-offs. Not too much to add to what I wrote in the post, but here’s what little I did:

Day Thirty-Six – Misleading Trailers and Ads

Speaking about Cop Out specifically, Kevin Smith managed to get a bunch of press for himself, wanted or unwanted, by getting kicked off a SouthWest Airlines flight. He, in his words, was deemed “Too Fat to Fly”. Those words were picked up by a bunch of major outlets, none of which cared to listen to the rest of the story, which Smith posted online in both Podcast form and video.

The box office for Cop Out has gone as expected, with Shutter Island edging it out for top spot, but the critics have been very hard on this film.

Day Thirty-Seven – Better Late Than…

I’ve posted late a bunch of times more after this, but have still managed to maintain the post-a-day quota.

Day Thirty-Eight – It Finally Happened

Avatar is still in the top ten, somehow. It’s also performing very well overseas.

Day Forty – Bringing Back Superman

David Goyer was named as the writer for Superman. Things seem to be falling into place quite well. I’m excited to see this film, just like I was for Superman Returns. Here’s hoping we don’t get burned again.

Day Forty-One – B-Movies: The Forgotten “Art”

The Book of Eli falls well into what I was talking about. It’s trying to be an excellent film. It reaches for the stars, but in the end it’s a B.

Day Fourty-Two – Bring on the Blu

Theatre owners were not happy about this, but they turned themselves around while I was writing another post (below) on the topic.

Day Fourty-Three – Critics Have a Place in the Business

An excellent article about Roger Ebert and his life-changing health issues was posted just days after my post. Though the title is a little misleading, and Ebert himself put it into perspective, respectfully so.

Day Fourty-Five – Happy Chinese New Year!

The holiday came and went, as did the box office for the film. The resentment from the wife lives strong beyond the 14th.

Day Fourty-Six – Oh, Vancouver

Great Britain picked on Canada. NBC prospered more than it ever should have. Canada admitted that they likely wouldn’t “own the podium”, but that may have been too soon, as the Canadians broke a record for most Gold medals by a host country. After today’s Gold Medal hockey game, the Games will be a distant memory for another four years.

Day Fourty-Eight – Reboot Me

A fuck-load of new remakes have been announced since this post. Who’s excited?

Day Fifty – Powering Through

I essentially wrote about Writer’s Block twice. Still haven’t found a productive place, but have tried to be productive nonetheless.

Day Fifty-One – Keys to the (Magic) Kingdom

I still don’t get the grumbling about this decision. There’s reference to it in a bunch of articles I’ve read, but no further analysis on the move.

Day Fifty-Two – Forced to Endure in the Dark

I’ll talk about this, and specifically Shutter Island, in a post in the very near future.

Day Fifty-Three – Finally, Something Jim and I Agree On

A bunch more 3D movies have been announced, mostly converted into 3D. It’s only a matter of time before this gets old.

Day Fifty-Four – Skipping to the Good Parts

Entertainment Weekly found an interesting video about this. Specifically, the Oscars.

I’ll DVR it and start watching around 9. I’ll be sure to be nowhere near a computer or my phone.

Day Fifty-Five – A Matter of Timing

Shutter Island is still holding on at the top. Had it come out in December, I don’t think it would have.

Day Fifty-Six – Guaranteed to Lose

The theatres made me look silly by dropping their boycott as I posted my blog about the boycott and how it’s dumb. I’d like to say I had a part in influencing them, but I know they were fully aware of it from the beginning.

Day Fifty-Seven – One of the Few Times I’ll Watch Oprah

My DVR is set.

Day Fifty-Eight – Go Canada Go!

I’m three hours away and so excited.

This month has been predominantly about movies and TV. Guess I know what my interests are.

Over the next week, we’ll ramp up for the Oscars with my predictions.

From there, we’ll see what there is to talk about. The first UFC super-card of the year is coming at the end of March, with two title defenses, so I’ll be sure to mention that.

The NHL play-offs will be creeping closer and closer. The Detroit Red Wings are trying to grip to a final spot, which is depressing/shocking considering they were fighting for 1st last year.

I will have a first draft done of my B-movie.

Lots of fun to come in March.




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