Day Fifty-Eight – Go Canada Go!

27 02 2010

December 31, 2009.

Everyone is out getting drunk, partying or out in the cold freezing rain waiting for a clock to count down. Me? I’m sitting in front of the TV watching the Canadian Juniors face of against the Americans. It was a better night than I ever could have had going out to celebrate the New Year, which always seems to end in disappointment anyway.

Canada walked away with a thrilling win on that day, moving forward to the Gold Medal game against the Americans once again. This time, the Americans won. I was crushed, but I thought to myself “At least the NHLers will be able to win the Gold at the Olympics this year.”

Fast forward to now. Things look pretty similar with Canada facing off against the Americans for Gold, once again.

Most of the emphasis pre-tournament was put on the Canada vs. Russia game, with everyone hoping to see that as the Gold Medal game on Sunday. The hype was all built around Ovechkin vs. Crosby.

If Canada isn't careful, this could be the scene tomorrow. I'm praying it's not.

Instead, we were given a Quarter-Final game with the KHL vs. the San Jose Sharks. Still, it was great to watch, but I think nothing compares to the new rivalry of USA vs. Canada.

For the new generation of hockey fans, myself included, the rivalry with the Russians has always been a legacy rivalry, carried over from the ’72 Summit Series. Much like the Leaf vs. Canadiens rivalry of today, there isn’t much to it. The real story is between these two teams.

What a story this game sets up. All the Americans could talk about leading up to their 2002 run to the Gold medal game was their last Gold medal at home, dubbed the “Miracle on Ice”. How fitting would it be that on their return, they would reclaim their Gold on their ice. Us Canadians went in a spoiled that dream, giving a bunch of credit to a loonie not-so-secretly frozen under the centre ice dot.

Now, we have more than just one piece of the ice. We own the building, we own the land all around it and this is our opportunity to show that we own the game as well. I’ll be watching. Everyone I know will be watching. What a perfect opportunity for revenge for the Americans to take our moment of glory at home away, just as we did to them eight short years ago.

Regardless, the Canadian in me wants to see them clobber the Americans tomorrow, taking the last Gold Medal up for grabs at this Olympics.

Ever since Canada beat Slovakia in a heart-attack inducing game, where the Slovaks nearly tied it with seconds left on the clock, the media has been hyping this game as possibly the most watched game in hockey history.

It’s not that unreasonable. This is the year where the Olympics broke the Canadian ratings record for any program with the opening ceremonies, which were far from interesting and pretty much reinforced any stereotypes the world may have had about us Canucks. At least a hockey game has some excitement built in and says more about Canada than natives dancing around penis statues and fiddlers wearing kilts ever could.

The highest rated television event in American history also took place this year with the Superbowl. Not to mention, mother nature is giving a helping hand, trapping the passively interested Americans indoors to watch the game while inches of snow fall outside their door.

Either way, I’ll be happy to see the NHL back on when it’s all over, but a lot more happy if Canada takes the win.

Go Canada Go!




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28 02 2010
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