Day Fifty-Six – Guaranteed to Lose

25 02 2010

Update: I guess this can fall under yesterday’s post about timing, but Odeon has a great sense of it. They will not be boycotting any longer. You can probably expect AMC to quit the threats as well.

Still, the post works in a hypothetical sense. Read on…

I completely understand why AMC and Odeon, in the UK, are upset. The shortened window for Alice in Wonderland not only takes their most profitable section of the theatrical run away, but also puts matters on a slippery slope towards even shorter release windows.

Let’s forget the fact that the “slippery slope” theory basically prevents anyone from ever doing anything of substance. Using that theory, making dinner is just one more step on the slippery slope to obesity. Driving your car to work is getting on the slippery slope towards green house gases burning the skin off our bodies. Making one more poorly conceived analogy about slippery slopes is on a slippery slope to never getting to the point.

The actual AMC, located at Yonge & Dundas in Toronto, I will likely see 'Alice in Wonderland' in if they don't boycott the film.

Odeon and, potentially, AMC’s answer to this is to boycott Alice in Wonderland all together.

I’m not sure what point this makes. If their problem was having to show Disney movies at all, I could see how this might be reasonable. I realize the goal is to make it completely clear to Disney that they are not fans of shortened windows, but by not showing the movies in their theaters, it does nothing to cut off the supply to the public. Sure, I won’t be able to collect my MovieWatcher points if I were to see Alice in Wonderland, but that doesn’t stop Disney from making money from me. It would just be going through Cineplex or Empire.

If they wanted to show their displeasure, they could have done something superficial that wouldn’t prevent them from making the money that the film is sure to make anyway. Maybe pulling the posters and cardboard stand-ups out of the lobby. Maybe putting it at the back of the theatre, rather than giving it the prime retail space.

Maybe not bringing more attention to the film, and the fact that it’ll be available sooner than later on Blu-ray and DVD, by proposing a boycott in the first place.

Sometimes the idea that any publicity is good publicity is true. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and the cast of Jersey Shore make a career from being clowns. Alice in Wonderland is being talked about and gaining interest, but AMC and Odeon are just coming off as the villains in this story. The average movie fan doesn’t like the window between the theatrical release and the DVD. The shorter, the better. AMC and Odeon are sounding like the music industry right about now. Instead of rolling with it, they’re trying to set things in stone.

I love the movie theater. The AMC, in particular, offers a great experience, but instead of worrying about the 200+ other movies that’ll be coming out this year, their name is out there for one they may not even be screening.




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28 02 2010
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