Day Fifty-Two – Forced to Endure in the Dark

21 02 2010

Though my movie experience can sometimes be ruined by people around me, I love to watch movies at the theatre. I’ve made a habit of late to go see at least one movie every weekend during AMC’s AM-Cinema, which allows me to see these movies without burning a gaping hole through my trousers. Whether I go alone or with a friend, I’m usually refreshed and happy when I walk out of the theatre.

Had I not been trapped in the theatre, I never would have subjected myself to the first half of Shutter Island.

That overall feeling definitely has an influence on the movies I see, and my opinion of them, as well.

Take today, for instance, when I watched Shutter Island with some friends. At home, I never would have made it to the ending of the film. I’m glad I stuck around, but with all of the other things I could have been doing, I wouldn’t have been able to sit through the constant shifts in tone and over-done style. But in a theatre, I endure.

I’m glad I did for Shutter Island, specifically, because the ending is what makes the movie. It may depend on it a little too much, but let’s not get sidetracked with that.

The point is that being trapped in the theatre, forced to stare at what the film-maker wants you to stare at does nothing but give the film the best possible chance to win you over. My attention at home is split a million different ways. Whether it’s the way I’m sitting on the couch. The incessant “click-click” coming from the PC at the other end of the room. The flicker coming from the elderly projector bulb, struggling to make full colors in the twilight of its life. My attention isn’t on the film alone.

Not to mention, the novelty of just getting out of the house. You’re bound to enjoy anything a little more if you’re not having it in surroundings that are too familiar. I dropped my brother off at university today and on the way home I got a Big Gulp. This carbonated cup of wasted money was much better than the exact same thing in a can at home. It’s the novelty of having something different that automatically works for it.

This is why I think, and I hope, the movie theatre isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Not to mention, Shutter Island, and every other movie coming out nowadays, seems to be breaking records.




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