Day Fifty – Powering Through

19 02 2010

Writer’s block is an interesting concept. It’s an excuse for an excuse to not write. It’s true that sometimes I have a hard time coming up with something to write, but that’s because I’m thinking of something less hard to do. Still, writer’s block is basically not wanting to write. There’s only one solution:


Write whatever is in your head. Just start writing, get all the junk out of the way and eventually you’ll find what you wanted to write about. Today is Day 50 of 365. I could have claimed I had writer’s block on at least 30 of those, but I just powered on through. 

This was my ideal writing space for a while, until policy changed and my time in here was limited.

By forcing myself to write every day, I’ve found writer’s block to become less and less of a problem. Using this blog as a way to get my finger tapping the keys, I get my mind working. The brain is like a muscle, and until lately, it hasn’t been getting much exercise. Much like the rest of my body.

Up until a little while ago, I lost my willingness to make that push to get something down on the blank page. I had a million excuses. I was too busy. I should be looking for a different door to get my foot in. I was waiting for the inspiration to hit my like a dodgeball in gym class.

My most productive time was when I was working projection at an old movie theatre. There were only six screens, so once the shows were started, I had about an hour to myself. I would have only the light reflecting of the walls from the projectors to light my pen and paper. I would have tons of ideas for screenplays, TV shows, novels, comics.

I actually managed to get a couple of specs done, too. I sent them out to Hollywood with such hope and the rejections were sent right back. That was a first excuse of many to wait for something better to appear.

Management changed at the theatre and that productive writing hour was now taken up with running up and down the stairs doing two jobs. I never wrote as much as I did then.

The good news is the intention of this blog is starting to take effect. That constant drive to have something down has spilled over to Final Draft. I haven’t been this excited to write since I was in film school. I’m starting to write more and more. I have 25 pages down on my latest screenplay, with more to come real soon.

Thanks to the 5 of you who manage to visit the site every day or so. I started this blog to exercise my writing and didn’t expect anyone to check it out more than once. Thanks for sticking around. Makes it even more worthwhile to drive towards that arbitrary goal I set for myself.

Hopefully by 100 posts, the screenplay will be done and these habits I’m developing will stick.




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20 02 2010

Right on! Write on!

28 02 2010
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