Day Fourty-Six – Oh, Vancouver

15 02 2010

Canada has finally won Gold on home soil, taking the pressure off most other athletes to break a sad streak.

That’s the highlight of the events so far. Everything else hasn’t been so rosy.

I want to enjoy the Olympics, though the broadcasters make it anything but easy.

Things clearly went beyond awful for the Games when a young Georgian Olympian died during a trial run. What’s disgusting about that entire ordeal is the media’s willingness to show the entire tragedy on the Evening News. The CTV News anchor went as far to say that it’s “necessary to show the footage in order to tell the story”.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. People don’t need to see a young man running into a poll in order to visualize it. Still, whether to spike ratings or simply satisfy a morbid curiosity, the footage was shown all over the place. I’ve managed to avoid it, knowing that it’s something I definitely do not want to see, and I don’t feel that I know any less than those who have seen it. It was a tragic event and out of respect for the family and fellow Olympians, the footage should have remained in the archives and not broadcast around the globe.

Less tragic, but still upsetting is the coverage of the Games thus far. The “Olympic Consortium” of networks seems to be dropping the ball in the coverage of the games. Whether it’s watching the MuchMusic crew do body-shots or “drop your shorts for beer” on live, national television, I couldn’t have been more embarrassed for my generation.

Aside from that, the Games themselves have been extremely hard to follow. The guide on my Rogers box lists five events taking place anywhere between 6pm and 2am. There’s no indication to what’s a live event and what’s pre-recorded. Nor any indication to what I may be missing on other networks. I’m made to guess what’s happening and when it happened.

My TSN app, which I love, on my iPhone has been pushing me to download the CTV Vancouver Olympics app. I did, hoping it would help me follow the goings on at the Olympics. Sadly, it’s completely useless. It tells me what events are coming up for the day, but not any information on when or on what network. There’s no medal count, either, which you would believe to be the first thing you’d have on an Olympic app.

I’ve been forced to “gear up” for the Olympics for the past 3 years and now that it’s here, I couldn’t be more disappointed. I’m really trying to get excited, but it’s hard when I have to guess what’s on and what’s live. Plus, watching the same three commercials every fifteen minutes really doesn’t help matters.

I wish the Canadian Olympians luck, but the Canadian broadcasters really need to get their shit together.




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15 02 2010

Channel 396 on Rogers has got an Olympic mix. Showing 6 channels showing different events. It’s not bad, however they’ve got RDS but are missing TSN so you have to take the good with the bad.

17 02 2010

I think the Channel mix is good in concept only. The screens are small, even on my big screen, and it still doesn’t solve the problem of scheduling. I love the idea though. I use the News mix pretty often, but it’s more of a novelty than anything else.

18 02 2010

Yeah, it’s a good first step. I do wish they’d improve it quite a bit. The screens are very small, and it doesn’t help that the thing is in SD. I’d love to be able to select a custom 6 channel mix, being able to see whats on CTV, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and HBO would be nice.

In regards to the scheduling, I’ve been using the which gives you a clear indication of when everything is starting and then I tune in accordingly.

28 02 2010
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