Day Fourty-Four – Late Movie Reviews

13 02 2010

If you’re reading this, you clearly know that it has been posted late. I’m going to cop out and post even more reviews for films I’ve seen recently below to catch up.

Funny enough, I gave them all the same ranking for very different reasons.

Youth in Revolt

Just like Nick Twisp, ‘Youth in Revolt’ has a split-personality. A great movie is trying to break free, but it’s interuppted by scenes aching to be quirky. Cartoon driving segments rip you right out of the story. It’s better when it doesn’t hold back on the harsh. Nick Twisp’s alter-ego, Francois Dillinger, is a total and utter jerk. Yet, he’s easily the best part of the movie, but that only takes up 20% of it or so. The rest of the film is spent waiting for Francois to make another appearance.

Rating: 70 (3.5 Stars)

The Book of Eli

Not until seeing ‘The Book of Eli’ have I seen a movie’s ending render almost everything that happened beforehand completely irrelevant. Though ‘Vanilla Sky’ is another example, ‘Eli’ does so without seeming to realize it. It’s upsetting, because the film ‘Eli’ wanted to be was great. It really evoked a sense of a world sent back to the Wild West. Questions raised about religion and belief make an interesting debate, until the ending deems it all irrelevant. What a turn south for this flick.

Rating: 70 (3.5 Stars)


‘Outrage’ is one of those weird examples of how a film can get less entertaining by making your case too well. Everything Kirby Dick has to say in this film is completely valid, and he does so with some overwhelming proof. The only problem is, as a documentary, there is only so much to say about the topic and too much time to do it. It ends up repeating itself, not bringing up any new arguments, just making the same ones over and over. The topic is interesting and the doc is slick, but too long.

Rating: 70 (3.5 Stars)

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I’m going to try to stay on time, getting posts done ahead of time. It’s all part of the learning process. We’ll see what happens when my free time dries up even further.

Wish me luck.




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