Day Forty – Bringing Back Superman

9 02 2010

Why is Superman such a hard character for screenwriters to grasp?

Word today that Christopher Nolan would be “Godfather-ing” the newest installment is a good sign that Warner Brothers is serious about putting the right team together to build a franchise out of the Man of Steel.

And the WB needs it. Harry Potter is coming to an end real soon. Nolan has yet to sit down and write the next Batman installment, though the other Nolan and David Goyer may be getting started. Green Lantern is still a toss up on how successful it will be. This is an important time in the viability of the studio, and putting their golden boy behind what should have been a huge franchise by now is a great strategy.

It's about time for a good Superman movie.

How is it possible that DC Comics has managed to tell great Superman stories for over 70 years, yet there has only been one on the silver screen, considering that Superman: The Movie and Superman II were one long story?  The TV series Smallville managed to tell a great Superman story for their first three years, before it became a showcase of delaying the inevitable. Even Superman: The Animated Series managed to tell an interesting Superman story every week.

It makes me think about something Jason Reitman said in a bunch of interviews for Up in the Air. When a friend of his told him to watch 24, he didn’t think he’d like it. When they went through their marathon, he loved it, even though he has no interest in solving terrorist plots or the real-time element. His friend told him, it’s not about that. What the core of the show is about is Jack Bauer trying to hold his family together.

That’s the kind of thinking that is needed to make a good Superman movie. It’s not about a guy with limitless power. It’s about a guy, who as popular as he is and as powerful as he is, can never really fit in. Superman will always be an outsider on the inside. Smallville got that concept. The multiple comic books got that concept. It’s about time that Hollywood gets a grasp of that concept as well.

I think Nolan is the right guy – to find the guy or girl – to do it.




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28 02 2010
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