Day Thirty-Four – Even More Movie Reviews

3 02 2010

Being the day after the nominees for the Oscars have come out, I feel it’s fitting to post a couple reviews of contenders I’ve seen recently; along with a film that was in the running in 1993.

It just happens to be by chance that they go best to worst.

Crazy Heart

One thing about ‘Crazy Heart’ that makes it different from other movies like it is that Bad Blake is actually a nice guy. He doesn’t blame anyone but himself for where he has ended up and takes what he’s given. There will be comparisons to ‘The Wrestler’ for the same reasons, but I feel that’s a movie about someone who can’t let go. Bad Blake can let go and is forced to at every turn. Yet, the only reason that bad things happen to Bad is because he doesn’t have the respect he should for himself.

Rating: 95 (4.5 Stars)

Julie & Julia

If there is any flaw to ‘Julie & Julia’, it’s that Amy Adams is too damn likeable. She is a self-absorbed person who has been empowered with a blog, but with only a smile, her abrasiveness melts away like butter. Streep does an accurate Julia Child, but that doesn’t make it any less silly. Especially when Julie Powell imitates her. Still, I found myself interested in how their stories match up. Some mistake this as a movie about cooking, but really it’s a movie about finding your muse.

Rating: 75 (3.5 Stars)

The Firm

The key to a good thriller is to have your characters in constant peril. ‘The Firm’ fails to maintain any of the eerie tension created in the opening scenes. The beginning makes the flick seem like ‘The Firm’ is some kind of cult that grows its employees into evil lawyers. Mitch tries to uncover something sinister, but takes his time doing so. Outside of it being morally wrong, they never really give Mitch a reason to act on his impulses. In the end, things are too happy-go-lucky to be credible.

Rating: 60 (3 Stars)

That’s all I have for now. Still have a bunch of reviews to write though. With luck, I’ll have at least 3 more done for tomorrow.

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