Day Twenty-Two – My Favorite iPhone Games of the Moment

22 01 2010

I wrote a couple of days ago about the iPhone stealing the handheld gaming market from the Nintendo DS. Here are three examples why I think they have a shot of dethroning the current king:

Super K.O. Boxing 2

Though it’s a pure rip-off of Super Punch Out!, it does so quite well. The gameplay mechanics are nearly identical to that game. Your left thumb controls your blocking and dodging. Your right thumb controls your punches, which include a low, high and super punch. Like I said, identical.

While a complete rip-off of Super Punch-Out, Super KO Boxing 2 is a really good rip-off.

The view is the same as Super Punch Out! as well. You stand behind KO Kid as the cartoon fighters stand directly in front of you. Just like Punch Out!, it’s a matter of finding out the patterns your opponents have. For example, in the first boss battle against Dynamo, you need to let him charge his super punch, dodge and hit him with a hook. Repeat until you get the TKO.

The characters are all very well done. They are animated superbly. They explode with life. The sound effects add to their life. 15 Cent’s chain rattles as he dances around your attempted blows. Dynamo’s lightening charge gives you fair enough warning that he’s about to discharge on your jaw.

Though it’s a clear rip-off of a game that already existed for years, it’s an excellent rip-off.

Dark Nebula: Episode One

This is the iPhone’s version of Super Monkey Ball, though they already have their own version of that as well. You control it using the accelerometer, tilting the playing field to move an orb through the playing field while avoiding the hazards all around.

Using the accelerometer, Dark Nebula is a challenging, fun game.

The music and graphics are good enough, but you don’t really notice when you’re trying to set the high score based on speed, damage taken and canisters collected, that resemble the ooze from TMNT2. The levels are easy at the beginning to get you used to it, but get pretty challenging in a hurry. There’s also different types of levels. I’ve only encountered the regular and the speed zones, but it changes often enough to keep me playing.

It offers Facebook integration, leaderboard and high scores between friends who also have the game. Lots of fun.


This is an odd little puzzle game that puts the focus on winning clothing and dressing your Puzzling creature. You can take pictures of your Puzzling, which will be saved to your Photo Library on your phone/iPod.

The puzzle game itself is quite fun. The goal is to create sets, much like Tetris Attack/Puzzle League. You can rotate any set of pieces, from two to the entire playing fied, by dragging your finger around the pieces. They spin and you tap the screen to stop it. The goal is to fill your combo meter before it runs out. When it fills, you get four pieces of a circle which you need to assemble to finish the game.

This is the Puzzling monster I created and uploaded through my iPhone

There are eight levels with five stages in each. Three regular. One Challenge, which is an extended round, and one Puzzle, which limits the moves you can use to clear the puzzle.

Though the game is quite short, it’s a lot of fun. Trying to finish the puzzles and set higher scores is quite satisfying. The game is now available for free on the App Store, so it’s definitely worth playing.

Those are just three examples of great games on the iPhone. I’m excited to finally try Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars after skipping it on the DS and PSP.

This is just the beginning of a great set of games for the iPhone.




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