Day Twenty – Am I the Biggest Loser?

20 01 2010

Why do I put myself through The Biggest Loser? It’s probably the cheesiest show on television today. I’m generally not a fan of reality TV, but for some reason I give this show more attention than it ever deserves.

There’s something to the uplifting message they have. The Biggest Loser is selling the American Dream. You can do anything when you put your mind to it. That’s what they’re selling when a bunch of morbidly obese contestants shed weight that they’ve allowed to plague them. It’s the fat version of the Rocky movies.

That is probably its only redeeming quality.

The show should have its slow-motion license revoked. They abuse it more than a prison cellmate. But it wouldn’t be complete without the music trying to make every single moment sound EPIC! Whether its climbing up the stairs or falling over a finish line, the music makes it seem like they’ve out-run an explosion.

Probably one of the worst shows on TV, but I can't stop watching.

But it’s not just trying to make every action seem huge. They make every emotion as huge as possible. Everyone is always crying. All the time. It’s a show of giant babies. They cry because they won. They cry because they lost. They cry because they’re fat. They cry because they’re getting skinny. And if they don’t cry, the trainers yell at them until they cry.

Speaking of the trainers, they sound like they graduated from the University of After-School Specials. The cheese they spew on the contestants would never fly on a written drama, but for some reason, it’s accepted on a 2-hour game show.

It’s not only the contestants that are huge, the show is about an hour too long. It’s not just that it feels long, but they don’t seem to have enough going on in one week. The footage repeats. A lot. Every break, you’re watching what they’ve already shown you.

That, and they love to “leave you hanging”. There’s a reaction to everything that happens in the house. A BIG reaction. It’s all a little suspect though. I doubt the reactions are even to what they attribute them to before the break. Every weigh-in, they zoom in on shocked faces. You think, “Oh no, someone collapsed on the scale.” Instead it’s just that someone lost an average amount of weight.

Even with these problems, I still watch it. Could it be that there is nothing else worth watching on a Tuesday night? Or is it selling the American Dream that sells The Biggest Loser to me?

I don’t know what it is, but I do know I’m really hungry.




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20 01 2010

How about Scrubs?

20 01 2010

I’m not a huge fan of Scrubs: Med School. It feels too much like Saved by the Bell: The New Class, which just made me sad I wasn’t watching the original. (Which now makes me sad that I liked the original)

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