Day Seven – Why Does Everyone Love “Avatar”?

7 01 2010

I went to go watch Avatar the weekend it came out. I sat in an 11am screening, that was unusually packed for that time of day, and tried to get into what some are calling the best movie since Star Wars (Yeah, I mean A.O. Scott). I don’t know if we were in the same movie, because I had a really hard time sitting through it.

In the end, it's two an a half hours about a bunch of blue people and a tree.

Let’s ignore the fact that I’m pretty sure Disney already made this movie. Aside from some visuals that people who’ve never seen a Playstation 3 game before would be impressed by, there’s not much to enjoy here. The writing here is weak. Not “Meet the Spartans” weak, but “Transformers” weak. The only motivation for anything in this movie was to show off the visuals. I didn’t care much about the characters in this movie. The humans are dicks for no good reason. They want a rock under the blue guys’ tree and their only explanation is it’s worth a lot of money. Why is it worth a lot of money? Because we’re dicks and we like rocks. That’s the best explanation I could gather.

Sure, maybe I was being a little hard on the visuals when I compared it to the average PS3 game. There’s a lot of detail here. The Navi look convincing enough to keep me watching, but don’t look real. Especially when they’re standing beside actual people. Close, but still not buying it. I can get over that, though. What I can’t get over is the 10+ minute segments of Jake and his lady friend riding around on multi-legged rhino-horses and flying horse-adyctls. I get it, it’s beautiful. Why should I really care? I still don’t know anything about this world and why us, the dicks, want to tear it all up for a rock. Other than money. And we’re dicks.

Avatar is an okay movie that’s worth a watch. The 3-D was fine. Nothing that Kung-Fu Panda didn’t do just as well. But it’s not nearly as good as it’s getting credit for. It’s definitely not the Best Picture of the Year. Sure, it’ll get a nomination at the Oscars, but I’ll cry foul if it makes it any further than that. When did story become the least of all priorities?




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12 01 2010

I think the movie has moments that bring it down. It does bash you on the head with it’s morals. It also centers around a rock called “Unabtainium” that’s weak. I also thought that Weaver’s avitar looked to much like her. Just creepy. but I thought this year was pretty light on “ocscar” movies so I am confident in Avitar when it comes to comparisons.

17 01 2010

Not as an Oscar movie. It’ll get the nom, but it definitely doesn’t deserve the nod. Up in the Air is a much better film in every way.

31 01 2010
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